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So who exactly is behind Jupiduu?

Behind Jupiduu? It’s us! Ken and Kai Buschmann, two brothers from the small village of Dingden located in Germany’s Lower Rhine region. Kai, born in 1989, is predominantly responsible for Dispatch and Website Management at Jupiduu, while Ken, born in 1986, deals with Customer Service, Production and Finance.

How long has the company Jupiduu been around?

Jupiduu was founded in January 2014. Just six months after its launch we were proudly able to deliver our first order.

What was the idea behind Jupiduu?

It all began with a children's slide. Kai and I were in search of a lovely indoor slide as a present. However, the search proved to be futile. Everything we found was made almost exclusively of plastic and intended for the garden; it was also not very pretty to look at. After a lot of searching nothing really matched what we were looking for in terms of material, design and style. So we decided to take up the reins of this “project” ourselves. With a little bit of convincing we were able to bring renowned product designer Ralf Scheel - who himself is a father to a young daughter - on board, and it was ultimately Ralf who, based on his own designs, developed a product which innovatively combined the aspects of design, aesthetics, functionality and fun.

Where are Jupiduu products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. As if that weren't enough already. Even our packaging, screws and fittings are procured from quality German businesses.

Which principles and philosophy does Jupiduu adhere to?

We at Jupiduu believe that a unique and safe design should go hand-in-hand with the highest possible degree of product quality, so that children and grown-ups alike can enjoy the products they buy, which have also been produced under fair working conditions for all. But we don't just aim to design and produce great products. In a time where climate change can no longer be denied, the sustainable use of wood (our primary work material) and establishing a positive CO2 footprint are our highest priorities (for more information on this please see the section entitled “Responsibility”). In order to fully embrace these principles, we therefore decided on establishing a production site in Germany. It offers the perfect production conditions and the shortest possible transport routes, allowing us to live up to our company philosophy.

Who are your most prominent customers?

Without a doubt - Britain's young heir to the throne, Prince George and his parents Kate and William, for whom we had the privilege of delivering the “Blue Whale” model. Take a look at the section entitled “ON TV” to find out more about this Royal order.

Which countries does Jupiduu deliver to?

We dispatch from our warehouse to places across the globe. There is no country to which we won't deliver.

Can I leave my children to play with their new toy unsupervised?

Given that children are little adventurers, we kindly ask that you always keep an eye on them while playing.

Which coatings have been used?

We only use approved coatings for all our products, which comply with statutorily prescribed industry standards and regulations for toy safety. The EU standard EN-71 is the benchmark for toy safety here.

On what ground surface should Jupiduu toys be set up?

The ground surface should be both even and firm, in order to ensure the necessary level of safety when playing.

How many children can play at the same time?

Please ensure that only one child is using the Jupiduu toy at any one time.

According to which guidelines are your products designed and developed?

The European standard for toy safety (EN-71) plays a decisive role in the design and development of our products. Its purpose includes defining exact specifications for safe dimensions, angles and materials, which we comply with exactly during every product development.

What does Jupiduu do for the environment and climate protection?

We consider the sustainable and careful use of natural resources to be a major concern, and have subsequently made it a defining element of our company philosophy. Establishing a production site in Germany enables us to use extremely short transport routes. This minimises our carbon footprint in transit, when transporting materials to production. We also believe it to be very important that the wood we use originates from responsible forestry. This is why our joineries have been certified in accordance with FSC®- and PEFC®, in order to guarantee that any raw materials used in our products stem from sustainably managed forests. However, we like to go one step further and even run our own reforestation operation. We regularly organise the planting of trees via the portal, with the aim of one day achieving a positive CO2 footprint for Jupiduu. This means that we want to offset more CO2 than we create. Take a look at the “I Plant a Tree” widget to discover the latest news regarding trees planted and the amount of CO2 offset. Private individuals are also welcome to participate.

The green dot: As the first system of its kind in the world, it recycles used sales packaging, thus repatriating raw materials back in to the production cycle. Jupiduu GmbH is a proud partner, through which we are able to ensure that our packaging is properly recycled.

What other organisations are supported?

Every sale of a Jupiduu rocking horse means that we support the sheltered workshops for the disabled, operated by the charity ‘Lebenshilfe Salzburg’, by donating €5.00 per sale. The rocking horse was designed for the charity ‘Lebenshilfe Salzburg’ long ago by the renowned design studio F.A. Porsche. We were able to reach an agreement with both parties, granting us exclusive rights to produce the designer rocking horse under our name. In return, the charity ‘Lebenshilfe Salzburg’ receives the agreed financial support, so that a large number of fantastic projects can be implemented for people with disabilities.

Why does Jupiduu choose to manufacture all of its products in Germany?

The reasons behind this decision for a manufacturing site in Germany can be summarised as follows:
1. Short transport routes = lower CO2 emissions
2. The latest manufacturing and coating equipment = the best product quality
3. Fair wages for manufacturing staff = a good conscience with every purchase

What must I pay close attention to when assembling Jupiduu products?

Please do not use any sharp edged or pointed objects to open the packaging. We recommend placing any parts not yet assembled on a soft surface during assembly (blanket / carpet). Please also ensure that all available screws are only fully tightened when the product has been completely assembled. This makes it easier to assemble the individual parts.

Can I assemble the products alone?

Our Jupiduu products are quick and easy to assemble. We recommend that two people assemble the products together. That makes the whole process faster and more fun.

Which tools do I need for assembly?

You only need a flat-tip screwdriver and a small hammer to correctly assemble our products.

How long does the assembly take?

You shouldn't need more than 30 minutes from unpacking to completed assembly, after which your little ones can begin to enjoy it.

Who should I contact if there is a problem with the assembly?

Get the boss! Please get in touch with us directly: or
You can also call us on +49 (0) 2852 - 70 300 73.

Which age group and weight are the products suitable for?

Generally speaking, Jupiduu products are ideally suited for children between one and four years of age, and the corresponding weight categories.

Can I leave the products outside permanently?

No, not permanently because the products are designed for inside use. If the weather is good then a trip to the garden shouldn’t hurt. However, please ensure that the products are not exposed to any moisture or the wet.

What should my child wear when playing?

Please ensure that your child is not wearing any trousers that have buttons or studs on them, as these could cause scratches in the coating. It's also best if your children are not wearing any shoes when playing.

What's the best way to clean Jupiduu products?

It's really easy to clean our products without any fuss using a slightly damp cloth. Please do not use any cloths or towels with a rough surface, and please do not use any solvent-based, aggressive or abrasive cleaning products. Our little mascot and textile products can be washed at 30° with no problems.

How long does delivery take?

Not long! Any orders received by 10 o'clock will be dispatched on the same day. As a rule, delivery time on its own takes 1 to 2 days. Deliveries outside of Germany can take 2 to 3 days. You will always be able to monitor the shipping progress and the date of delivery via the tracking link.

Is there a secure online payment option for my order?

Yes, your order is transmitted via SSL encryption, making it secure. Server security is the highest priority for us, for which reason we regularly implement security updates.

For how long do I have a right of return?

You can withdraw from your purchase within 14 days of sale. For more information on returns and the right of withdrawal, please consult our cancellation policy.

What are the shipping costs for my order?

We ship all of our products free of charge.

How do I know that my purchase has been shipped?

First of all, after submitting your order you will receive a confirmation email. This means that your order has been successfully received and is being processed. As soon as your product leaves our warehouse you will receive another email containing the shipping details and the tracking link, which will allow you to monitor your shipment. By activating the link you will be shown a projected date of delivery.

What happens if I'm not at home on the projected date of delivery?

No problem. Shortly after shipping you will receive an email from our Dispatch Manager containing the projected date of delivery. If you're not going to be at home on that day you can amend the date of delivery online. Just click on the link in the shipping confirmation email and, after entering your shipping code, simply choose your desired delivery date. And if the driver is still unable to make contact on that day, he or she will leave a note in your post box and redeliver the package the following day. A total of three delivery attempts will be made.

What should I do if I need my order for an urgent event?

If you happen to need your order very urgently, please contact us by telephone or leave us a message on the order form indicating that your order is urgent. We will subsequently let you know of any additional costs incurred for an express delivery. We can guarantee Europe-wide delivery within 24 hours. For all other regions delivery should take a maximum of 48 hours.

What are the bank details for payment?

Account holder: Jupiduu GmbH
IBAN: DE55428618140054919100

Who will be delivering the items?

99% of shipments are handled by FedEx. In special circumstances we also ship with UPS or DHL.